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Saturday, May 2, 2015

rain, rain, go away

It's rained everyday since the team left. Every afternoon, Wednesday it rained, even though it wasn't forecasted m Thursday it was forecast, and in the village we had a real thunderstorm with tiny balls of ice, wind and torrential downpour. Friday, late afternoon and the thunderstorm brought more rain. It is still too wet to get in the fields.

Wednesday Garry was in the field with the car when the rain came and barely got out, his tires were spinning in the mud. He is getting more anxious to get the corn planted. Hopefully it is dry enough for the guys to get it done while we are gone this week.

Today (Saturday) it has not rained, but the ground is saturated. My laundry is barely getting dry outside because the air is so damp. We are going to Kiev by train tonight, we booked plane tickets weeks ago to visit friends in Turkey, and poor Garry is feeling blue because he thought his corn would be planted long before May came.

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