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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday in the village

It seems hard to believe that last week we were in Istanbul. The corn is all planted, the last ten hectares of sunflowers is going in the ground today. We even put pepper and tomato plants in the garden this week. The alfalfa is up to Garry's knees and about ready to become hay, the cows will be getting some next week. The giant straw bale piles they made last summer are nearly gone now, and there are only a few bales of hay left in the mow.

Garry has been busy, he has finished the drywall around the inside of the windows- it took an entire sheet for each window, the walls are so thick- and there is just a little more mudding and sanding around them, the walls are nearly ready to prime and paint. Andrey, the father from the boys' group home is working on the electric outlets and wiring for the rooms, and the guy is finishing up the first coat of stucco on the outside of the house. Garry is now excited about sand color with the red roof, we'll see what he chooses, I guess.  They have finally found an overhead door for the shop at a reasonable price and it should be ready in three weeks.

Right now there is a party going on outside, the Agape organization has brought out a group of about 22 orphans of various ages this afternoon by van from Dnepropetroesk. They toured the new house and the barns and have been playing music,  singing, playing soccer, eating around a bonfire- they cooked potatoes in foil- and brought cookies and juice, and fruit, plus we had cookies and juice for them. One little girl asked Garry if she could "buy a small cow" to take back to the city.

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