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Thursday, July 23, 2015

He's arrived

Garry made it safely back to Ukraine and the village. I had a brief facebook chat with him last night his time as he was finally heading to bed, and he was excited to say that the corn there is 10-12 feet high. I am pretty sure that is the tallest corn we have grown there, because the rain has been good so far, and just a few more rain storms could mean that bumper, once every ten year crop the local farmers talk about.

I am busy returning the house to normal here in Canada. After celebrating Josh's birthday with him for the first time since before we left for Ukraine, I am looking forward to Keziah's birthday party on Friday, she was born five years ago while I was teaching English at the Summer Institute in Dnepropropetroesk, so I didn't hold her until she was a month old. I am not just waiting around to meet her new cousin, however.

Yesterday I spent three hours driving a cow to the vet with the old truck and trailer, the boys were busy chopping the barley crop (cover crop for the newly seeded alfalfa) and asked me to go. It took about an hour for her LDA operation (twisted stomach) and then I drove her home, and the old truck doesn't go real fast! She seemed in good shape after we bumped our way over the last 20 dusty kilometers, so she should be fine. She's in the "sick cow" group for the antibiotic treated cows, who are kept and milked in a separate milk parlor, until she's better (and the drugs have cleared her system). Then I did a bit of cleaning, finished putting weatherstripping around the new door between the house and garage that Garry's dad installed last week (hope to paint it today) and cooked dinner for the boys and the two hired men driving silage truck and drove it out to the field while the three "little boys" (we are debating a new nickname for the youngest three) cleaning up most of the plouf I made (Ukrainian rice pilaf.)

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  1. We are in Manitoba now for a family reunion in Kleefeld. Would have loved to meet up with you again. We love reading your blog. Great to hear Max is attending Providence - might drop in to see him. What a miracle his life has turned out to be! PLease greet Gary and Viktor from both Peter & Alice Krahn