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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Too busy to talk

Phoned Garry Friday evening his time and he was driving back into the village with Don and Sandy Tremaine, a couple from our church in Steinbach who came to teach at SEI (Summer English Institute) this year while we were away. We had told them they could stay at the house with us in the village for a few days after it was over, maybe help out with something for the school, since Garry would be back by the end of SEI. I found a few photos of them teaching and stole them off facebook posts by SEI students (I have a lot of friends on facebook who attend every year.)

 I hope they enjoyed their experience teaching in Dnepro, and that I answered enough questions that they were well prepared, we had an email correspondence over the last few months. I had heard that one of the staff broke their arm ice skating with the students last week, and it seems that in was Sandy, from the photos. Apparently some of the students went to hospital with her and translated.

When I talked to Garry he wasn't sure where they would be sleeping, since the house (and summer kitchen house) is full of students (7 new ones have already arrived), the group home family, and I'm not sure who else, because the new group house is not quite ready to move into, and he was five minutes from arriving at the house with them! I hope they got the king size bed I had planned to put them in...

Meanwhile I enjoyed a family birthday party yesterday for five year Keziah, which the newlyweds attended, having just returned from the honeymoon cabin in Minnesota. It's the first time I had been home for her birthday, since she was born while I was teaching English at SEI five years ago.

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