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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On his way

Garry is currently on a plane from Amsterdam to Kiev, where he will take a train Wednesday morning to Dnepropetroesk and then go by car to the village. He is most excited to see his crops, it seems they had plenty of rain, and Max and Masha took a few photos last week of the corn and sorghum. He left Manitoba yesterday on our son Josh's birthday, but we got to celebrate with pizza and cake on Josh's deck (the old one, his new house may be done in a week or two) for lunch before driving to the airport.
Max Rudei in the the corn field

Masha, too

That's pretty tall!

 The sorghum has grown a lot since they sprayed it to kill the aphids a couple weeks ago.

The first new students for the school have arrived so Garry is going shopping for furnishings for the new group home very soon! He'll be busy while I wrap up a few projects here while waiting for our new grandchild (Josh and Krissy's first baby) to make his or her appearance (due in one week!)

Rehearsal on Thursday
Friday evening was the big event when Garry walked our only daughter down the aisle. Here are a few photos, everything was wonderful with lots of relatives coming to Winnipeg for the big day.
Those dresses I hemmed for our granddaughters/flower girls

Jessica and James

They danced to the song  Don't worry, be Happy

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