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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Back in the village

I am lying on the couch with Box sitting on my legs and Polo under the coffee table typing. The internet is working great here, of course. Garry had a phone call in Russian about going to breed a cow before noon today, so he went off in the car when Max brought it. Apparently he went over for afternoon milking. Some of the students have come to the door to say hello, and we have to get some groceries. There is some snow here.

All our flights went on time, we had quick connections and they all worked well. Noah and Audrey drove us to the airport, it was hard to cram all the suitcases (6 large ones plus carry-ons) in their new car, which is a Dodge SUV. Interestingly, we flew west to Calgary Friday afternoon before flying to Amsterdam and then to Kiev. Garry had no problems walking in the airports, so we did not use the wheelchair service we had booked when he was not supposed to be walking yet. In Calgary we landed at A and had to go to D, but has a little golf cart tram line for everyone to ride to move between terminal sections- so we didn't have to walk all the way.

Victor meet us at the airport in Kiev at 1:30 (Saturday) and drove us home, it went great no flat tires, a few bumps/holes of course.

We made one stop at Mc Donalds around 6 pm for dinner and were home before nine pm and got the six suitcases unpacked. I was amazed they all made it, nothing broke and they were all going around the baggage carousel when we got through customs, which had gone fast, too.

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