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Monday, February 20, 2017


On Sunday we went to church in the village. Garry has been thinking about going to church in the village to encourage the students and group home parents to go there. We went at 10 am (Max had told Garry the start time) and found Luda, her daughters and the girls from her house there. I got photos because they were sitting across from the empty seats we found.

We were just in time for singing hymns, someone shared their hymnal with us. It is sometimes tricky to find the right number we found. Masha, our newest student, even read scripture during the service. We would find the Bible verses on the Bible in my phone to follow along with the sermon readings.
We did have some problems understanding the sermon, because it was in Ukrainian, not Russian. After the service we shook hands with a few people and answered questions about how Max Boradin was doing in Canada. We found his Providence Prayer Reminder card on the wall, he sent it back to the church with us last winter.
After church I suggested I walk home while Garry drove Luda and the girls home. It seemed only fair to reward them for being there  (and more steps makes my fitbit happy).Their group home is the farthest from church and they had walked more than a kilometer in the melting snow to get there.

It was a nice day to walk a little, I was feeling quite warm walking home; t was above freezing and the water was running down the street (even more today, Monday).
the church

our house in its warm coat of insulation and stucco
the color will be added in the spring

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