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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Good news at the doctors

Well Garry was all smiles as he headed off to see supporters in Salmon Arm BC early this morning, since his checkup went great yesterday. The doctors looked at the x-rays they took and told him he can start walking with crutches already, and he can start using one crutch as a cane a week later and then a month in the walking boot.

Since we had only brought his "pegleg" to the city with us and stayed overnight, he won't be able to start really using it until he is home Monday at midnight when I pick him up at the airport, but its great news. (I am assuming he arrived there safely, I had a message from him in Edmonton, where he had a couple hour layover).  Looks like things are good for flying out next Friday for Ukraine, I have three suitcases full and two partial ones packed now.

Sadly we will just miss the memorial service for our dear friend Sandy Tremaine, who was with us this summer in Ukraine teaching English, since it will be the following day. Sandy was a wonderful Christian lady who will be missed by everyone who met her. She and her husband Don taught the previous summer also and the returning students were so happy to see her again. They also helped out for a week in the village both summers.

Registration night Don Sandy and some ladies who were waiting to see them

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