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Friday, February 10, 2017

Our bags are packed, Garry's ready to go...

This year we are flying back together, since Garry was still supposed to be unable to put weight on his foot, but at last week's doctor appointment he got the surgeon's approval to start walking on it in the boot (the x-rays looked really good) and he has rapidly left the crutches behind. So maybe I could have stayed like normal and had a couple more weeks to play with the grandkids.

We fly out early this afternoon and in 24 hours will be in Kiev, where Victor is meeting us, and our six suitcases, one for each of us, three with used jeans for the students and farm parts and shovels and brooms heads for Garry (he can never find good ones there) and one more with donated sneakers that Roy and the Steinbach team had donated to the project, they will bring the rest next month. Thanks Source for Sports in Steinbach for 50 pairs this year.

We also have t shirts, designed and donated by Creative Print All that the students will be wearing for our annual trip to the farm show in Kiev next week. The design has Hope for Each in English and in Russian, and is printed in yellow and blue, the colors of the flag, and a hidden cross and cow, too.

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