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Monday, May 20, 2013

On the way

Well, I am sitting in Vienna en route to New Jersey to visit my parents- we are celebrating their 55th anniversary this weekend. Garry dropped me off at the airport, and then he was meeting with a possible new milk buyer. The guys had started mowing down the alfalfa field by the highway this morning before we left. Garry was going for maximum yield after last year's small really good first cut, and not much more until September because of the dry weather all summer.
The tractor drivers

When I say the guys,  I mean Maxim and his two helpers. About a month ago, two young guys from the village showed up and wanted to work for free this summer. They were students at a tractor driving school and wanted to do their practicum at our farm. They had helped bale hay, stacking on the wagon and putting bales in the mow, last summer. Believe it or not, they never actually drove a tractor until they came here, even though they paid a fee for diesel every month at school. They have been working with Max, helping spray the corn last week, and cutting hay for other people and some baling for other people, so Maxim has become a supervisor, driving on the road and watching them in the field. Except for spraying, where he drove and they drove the tractor with the water wagon for refills.

Maxim is driving the baler here at a small garden field

The helpers and the farmers are making sure all the hay goes in the bales
More photos to come, including Garry's befoe and after haircut, but it seems I'll be getting on the plane soon.

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