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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Here and there- big happenings

From Garry in Ukraine, there was a good rain on Saturday, a thunder storm followed by a couple hours of slow rain, On Monday his brand new seeder arrived that he has been talking about getting for months- no more using old borrowed ones to plant grain with!

"We are getting ready to plant our wheat. 2 days of rain and this is our new seeder. It is so new that the paint is still wet. We have about 125 acres to plant."

Unfortunately the rain brought a problem - one of the electricity phases was not working due to a problem with the lines. Garry said they were cutting parts of the walnut trees next to the road at the babushka's house next door to really solve the issue on Monday afternoon. He said she was watching them closely, while they were doing it. Most of the village just using one phase instead of three, so the quick fix they did on Sunday caused problems for the barn, where there are 3 phase motors.

" We had a storm and a branch broke on of the phase lines. Instead of fixing it they just connected two phases together so we had two phases instead of three and the motors in the barn would not work and we blew all the lights in the barn. They are fixing it now"

Meanwhile here in Manitoba, our new granddaughter arrived on Saturday evening, so I have been helping out at our son's house. Her big sisters are very excited that she came home on Monday afternoon.

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