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Saturday, September 14, 2013


Well I am in Canada, and Garry is in Ukraine for three weeks, yesterday I went to Winnipeg and took Seth and Jonah out for dinner, a movie and shopping to fill their mini-fridge/freezer. Seth has a field trip today so couldn't bring them home for the weekend, seems like they are enjoying university and their classes, so far.

I arrived late Monday and spent Tuesday night at our son and daughter-in-laws house, it seemed I had arrived just in time, but the baby changed it's mind and we are still waiting for his/her arrival, missing September 11th and Friday the 13th, both of the "due dates."

Garry has been busy with farming and his new English book club for Summer Institute students in two cities, Dnepropetroesk and even harder to say, Dnepropajisk. On Wednesday they combined the sunflowers and got 8 tons, which he is trading for 14 tons of "mookooka" the meal made from sunflower seeds pressed for oil. which will be the cows protein to go with the barley or the dry corn they will be combining soon to grind for cow feed.

this field is drying down to harvest time
 When we drove out to the sea we saw lots of sunflower fields, some were harvesting and some still blooming, where they had been planted after wheat was harvested this summer. They were pretty yellow fields, but a waste of seed this year with fall fast approaching!

Here are some photos.

Combine on the road, likely doing sunflowers

Not lots out there but a pretty yellow color!

The field by the sea Garry drove along the field road to see the sea

Roadside sellers in front of a sunflower field

Many fields looked like this, brown heads, or brown headless stalks
Some shiny combines heading to the fields

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