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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some photo fun- driving in Ukraine tips too!

Here are some photos I took while Garry was driving to church on Sunday morning, with close ups, first the yellow Honda that zipped around and in front of us as we approached the red light on the shazha . We laughed as he did, do you think he cut it too close sometime before? Watch out when approaching red lights drivers often jockey for position in Ukraine.
Held together with scotch (tape)?

We had another smile as we came up this car, as you can see it is a Soviet classic car, the Combi. Note the licence plate is old, like pre- Ukraine (22 years) you often see them repainted, and they have Cyrillic letters on them- new licence plates only use letter shared by the Latin alphabet to be EU friendly . I think.

Note the traffic light, many new ones have the counting down feature, this one starts are 85. If you are wondering about the yield sign it is for when when the light is not working or in the evening when it is flashing yellow - NEVER GO THOUGHT A FLASHING YELLOW LIGHT AT A UKRAINIAN INTERSECTION! THEY ARE YELLOW IN BOTH DIRECTIONS-  look for the handy yield sign which means the other direction has the right of way. A Yellow diamond means you do, but still look bothe ways before crossing the street!

Ukrainians love imports as you can see on this car

and shopping for English brand names!

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