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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Camp week

This year the Andrei who works with the village teens at the church is running the camp (like VBS) at the village church. They must be a little cramped for space as there are some refugees living at the village church, a few more women and children arrived this week from a city in the east of the country, I assume the children are enjoying the camp.

Thanks to everyone who donated to our World of Hope (EFCCM) campaign last year for the village camp, 460 dollars Canadian was raised and is being put to good use in the village to spread the good news of Jesus and God in their own language this year.

Garry stopped in on Wednesday to take a few photos at the camp with his tablet because I have the big camera and the other one was accidentally left in Canada.

Looks like a clothesline has been added to the jungle gym 

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