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Monday, August 18, 2014

Ice bucket challenge

The Emley part of the Polhemus reunion
 I am wrapping up my time in New Jersey with my family, the family reunion, for my mother's family was on the weekend. My father told somone that he almost had 60 years with my mother, since their first date, when he picked her up in his car when she was riding her bike had occurred in the summer of 1955. The newlyweds drove down from Canada for it so I have been wonderfully busy as I get prepared to start to fly back to Ukraine tomorrow. It has been both a long and short five weeks since my mother passed away.

  As I told all the family there, yes. I really am going back to Ukraine, we will leave if the Canadian, American governments or our mission organization tell us it is unsafe, and we need to go home.

We have been watching the news stories about the ice bucket challenge with interest because that is what my mother had.  It is good to see so much money raised for ALS research, however I hope people don't lose sight of why people are pouring buckets of ice water over their heads because as my father said at the funeral "ALS is a terrible disease, it traps your mind in a broken body."

I'll be posting from Ukraine, after flying for a couple days. Because of the Air Malaysia crash, Austrian is not flying to Dnepropetroesk, so I am re-booked on Turkish Air and have to spend an extra night layover in Istanbul. Talk to you next week.

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