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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ukrainian Independence Day in Dnepropetroesk

That's the back of the stage wrapped in blue and yellow
Sunday after church we went downtown to check out the celebration of Ukraine's independence, they left the Soviet Union twenty-three years ago. The street was closed off, and there was a stage set up for music performances in the parking lot close to where the statue of Lenin was until this year. Now even the pedestal is gone also, where the heroes of Maidan were celebrated after the fall of the government. Instead of Lenin Square, it is now the square where Lenin stood.
Where Lenin used to stand- there's a fresh pavement patch

One of the singing groups onstage

Even a girl on stilts adding to the festive fun

Even some of the older generation was out to show their Ukrainian pride

  It was a pretty festive atmosphere with families enjoying the warm afternoon, strolling around the area. Mc Donalds was giving out blue and yellow balloons for the kids, (I'm loving it in Ukrainian .я heart м)

Many people, like this family, were wearing traditional embroidered shirts
  going on the carousel 

Some  of the lucky children were getting a ride on the two story carousel that is between the Passage Mall and Mc Donalds. It is the last holiday before school begins on the first of September. Some families have gone out of town, with The Black Sea near Odessa or the mountains of western Ukraine being good options with the traditional Crimean or Azov Sea destinations being less desirable because of the war.

There were vendor tables set up in front of the Euro-Mall, mostly selling Ukrainian crafts, although one booth seemed to be selling ribbons to support the troops. Many of the injured soldiers from the Eastern territory are flown to the airport here and transported to the city hospitals by ambulance.

some amazing wheat weaving displayed

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