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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A salute to the Ukrainian army

Seava is in the center on guitar
Hey this ceasefire is great news, even if it seems that it is not much ceasing in firing so far.

We were very happy to greet the one soldier we do know, Seava at church, where he was playing in the praise band. A few weeks ago during prayer time we were told he was sick, not injured in the hospital and he looks like he has lost weight. Hopefully he is home to stay, his wedding is in three weeks.

Last week while driving toward Odessa we saw an army convoy and I got a few photos. It certainly looks like they could use some of that NATO aid, as the vehicles look like the Soviets may have used some in WWII.

Yes those are mattresses pushing out the side of this army truck

Ready for anything at this checkpoint near Odessa
We did see some grad missiles on the back of a truck one day on the way to Dnepropetroesk.

Mostly we have seen fuel truck convoys moving east or empty trucks heading back to Odessa to refill
They are making more on the highway to Dnepropetroesk

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