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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ismail and Rene (part three I guess!)

 Sadly the hotel in Ismail was not as nice as the one in Kherson, if they had breakfast as it said on the sign outside, no one offered any before we left Sunday morning, and even worse, the advertised wi-fi, did not work when we arrived at 3 pm Saturday, and never did, in spite of the receptionist saying she would call someone to fix it. We did get online when we went to dinner, after a nap.
the diarame building- looks Turkish or Tatar maybe?

beach on the Danube in Ismail (no dogs allowed)

We saw a bit more of Ismail while leaving on Sunday morning, we found a diarama with a tour bus group there, so we checked it out. It seemed to commemorate a battle from the 18th century.

Ismail and Reni are both port cities on the Danube river, although Reni, once a very busy port is now mostly shuttered, and the city/town has suffered with businesses closing and people out of work.

We were driving a pretty nice highway, at first through the swamps and reeds with people parked and fishing as we got onto the main highway between the two ports, although later there was farmland and old collective buildings (and some not as new sections of highway with some big potholes). There are a few villages off the road, too. Reni is under the country of Moldova with the the lovely mountains of Romania on the other side of the Danube.

Garry and Agneta going into the foster House
We enjoyed a two day visit while our new student was getting his paperwork in order and saying goodbye to his siblings (both blood and foster ones) until Christmastime.

They toured us around to see some of the nearby villages and the border crossings and the river, Garry even got his feet wet...

It was September first on Monday, the official first day of school every year in Ukraine. Garry went along with the six children attending school for the first bell ceremony, during which the new first graders are taken to their classroom by the graduating eleventh grade students.

All the children from the house brought bouquets for their teachers, just like the one on the table in the photo I took in the kitchen. I wish I had taken one of everyone eating dinner together, the row of preschool little boys that are 4 to 6 years old (and one girl) were so cute, that Garry was ready to take some home I think.
Children in Ukraine wear really fancy black and white outfits  on the first day of school. even in the villages

Cows grazing on the banks of the Danube river

and geese too

The street near the house

peeking at Romania

Ukrainian irrigation canal off the Danube

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