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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The new heat project for the house

The little house (where school is meeting) got radiators as part of this project

 They  had to dig a trench for the new heat pipes. Garry and Maxim dug (and pickaxed) until seven pm to get it almost deep enough. The big overhead pipe will be a thing of the past soon, as both pipes are now underground.
the new gas heater vents out the wall

The pipes will all be under the floor, this room will get tiled after it is patched
First Garry was going to go into the big house in the same way it was before, so he cut a hole in the wall of the yellow bedroom, then he decided that the foundation of the big house was not that deep so they would go underground from both sides, so they cut a hole in the floor of the bedroom. Everything got rather dusty, and then there was a pile of dirt in that spare room! Oh well, it is going to get a real radiator, so it won't be the coldest room in the house anymore. The other room that could win that honor, our bedroom; \ is going to get more insulation on the outside wall before winter.

This bedroom will need a little cleanup before we have guests!

Pipes going into the big house

 Over the weekend the guys working on the furnace installation got the last of the plastic pipes sealed together so Garry insulated on all sides of the foam insulated pipes with slices of Styrofoam board late Saturday afternoon before the trench was refilled with dirt.

good thing Garry has long arms!

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