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Monday, September 29, 2014

More on the storm

Box looking at the babushka in her yard Wed afternoon
We heard people call it a cyclone, a super storm... Garry says it was the most rain we have gotten at one time since we came to Ukraine in 2008, it's almost a week later and there are still mud puddles everywhere.

As you can see in the photos our next door neighbor had some damage from the storm when a tree and number of branches fell in her yard. The tree went right across the driveway, but she got some guys to clean it up on Friday.

Two days after the rain and everything was a mess

The babushka next door had a tree fall on one of her fences

On Friday she hired two men to cut the down trees and some tree limbs

She was outside supervising the whole time they were working- at least 5 hours

The storm washed away layers of plastic paper off the billboards

Thursday we drove through a giant puddle in Zaporosia
Most of the broken trees and debris are cleaned up now, and we have bought new chargers for our cell phones, the internet modem, and have sort of figured out the buttons on the top of our bedroom TV because the remote can't talk to it anymore. The washing machine is in Dnepropetroesk to hopefully get fixed soon. Luckily the dishwasher and most of the other things are still working, and the fridge and freezer are always plugged in a surge protector.

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