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Monday, September 15, 2014

No internet in the village

Some of the boys have bikes
It's been down for 3 days, hoping it comes back soon, we are at Mc Donalds catching up on the web, second week of classes started today, the new girls arrived, and so on. Next week the others are teaching, it will give Garry a chance to catch up will other things. Hoping to get the wheat planted this week as it looks like rain may be moving in on the weekend and it is extremely dry now.

Monday night the internet was working again (we even streamed the Monday Night Football game live- our Philadelphia Eagles were playing very early Tuesday morning here.) It was off for while Tuesday morning, back in the afternoon, so keep your fingers crossed. The computer techie guy in the village phoned Kiev to complain, because everyone was asking him why it wasn't working (one theory - it was the Russians) and they fixed it.

Sadly the newest long range weather forecast has moved the rain until the beginning of October. We went on an excursion with the students this afternoon, they had a good time, watch for photos on the other blog.

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