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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dnepro day

Dnepropetroesk's birthday was celebrated over the weekend in the city, we accidentally saw some of it when we went into the city to pick up some new and prospective new students for the school at the bus stop. This time we had no trouble finding the girls, along with Kolya #3 (Kolya is the nickname for Nikolai so half the boys at the trade school will be named Kolya!) On Sunday we dropped Kolya3 back at the bus station, he plans to join us in two weeks after clearing up loose ends where he has been living, the girls are here to stay.

here are a few photos:

This car has a USSR-era Dnepropetroesk licence plate

Garry and I went bowling we were tied going into the the final frame -
but he won 181- to 156 with his two strikes

Crowd downtown

Driving along Karl Marx - look at the art market! 
There are two blocks jammed with people and artists today!

These guys have matching Ukraine t-shirts

birdhouses for sale

Making more straw hats to sell

Garry bought a little clay cow at this stand
a big crowd checking out the arts and crafts for sale

Winter is coming- see the lady in the yellow head scarf?
the woman at center has a long reed with bread baked around it
Traditional flower headdresses were for sale everywhere

in front of the opera house

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