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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Snapshots of the last two weeks

Manual stirring with a broomstick while waiting for the part for the agitator

 Fixing the barn- putting the sides back on last week Thursday and Friday

Garry doing some prep work Thursday morning

Thursday afternoon tying everything back down on side one

Friday morning Andrey busy welding the new pipes onto the structure

Max Rudei and Garry (far side) tying outside Friday afternoon

 Meanwhile in the summer kitchen....

I grouted the tile Garry laid last week in the entryway
(no classes on Fridays)
working around the other workers in there on Friday...

 moving the gas meter...

when the inspector came, she said the gas water heater could not be so close to the
window so the meter needed to be moved outside... Friday morning!
Garry forgot to tell me and I had already mixed the grout so I had to finish later

the rocks
 Garry said he had never seen anything like this they were making the acetylene for the welding by putting these rocks into the blue tank and pumping it with the handle.
the tank

The guy welding the gas pipe onto the meter

A lovely wedding in Dnepropetroesk on Saturday

Inside the Lutheran church

a patriotic theme
 We arrived at noon, the appointed hour, but only a couple people had arrived so we went for a walk to the park. Garry was looking for a store to get a candy bar, but ended up buying a hotdog and a slurpee we shared. Not sure how many ice treats they sell in Ukraine, with cold drinks blamed for colds and sore throats. When we returned we waited outside for  a while then sat with the Dantsev family...
lighting unity candles- we met Seva, the groom, when we first came to Ukraine

the food was served outside behind the church

the wedding cakes

Us with the happy couple, Seva and Yulia

Her sister was the maid of honor and sang too

the Dantsev family with them too

One of the groom brother's playing violin
The wedding ceremony began after one, with two preachers and two sermons, and the bride's parents and groom's grandfather gave their blessing. Then everyone went out behind the church for a reception with  finger food, music and photo taking with the happy couple, and then the cake was cut around 3:30, and everyone one lined up to get a slice. It was delicious, with fresh fruit in the filling.

Canning pickled beets and teaching this week,
my excuse for not getting any blog post done!

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