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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Election signs

I was going to put this post together before the election on Sunday, but we were on vacation in Rome and I did really vacation, no crocheting, and no blogging. I didn't have my computer with these photos loaded on and only tried once to login on Garry's and the sign in from Rome got flagged so I gave up, and just spent time with Garry. It was relaxing for both of us, although I have blisters on my feet from all the walking we did!

as the election grew closer ads were everywhere

early in September the billboards filled up with electioning-
 right after the ceasefire was announced

an early ad for Yulia Timoschenko's party

Some seats in parliament are filled by voting for candidates and
some by the parties that receive a percentage of the vote.

This party (The Front) did very well. lead by the prime minister

later this party had billboards with cows on,
I think they were promising a better life for Ukrainians

This is the pilot the Russian have in prison, she was elected 

The opposition bloc got enough votes to get into parliament-
they are the old candidates from the old governmen

Yulia's Father/mother/brother land (we can't decide on the translation) party
got enough votes to get into Parliament,
but ended up far down the list 
I never had the camera with me to get a photo of the Internet party's billboards, which feature Star Wars characters, they did not get into Parliament. They elected one candidate a couple years ago, but he would not take off his Darth Vader mask, so he was never seated.

If you haven't heard, no one party got a majority in the election but the top parties  Porosenko and Yatsentnuk's will form a coalition of reform minded parties.

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