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Friday, October 31, 2014

A little Thanksgiving

ready and waiting
Garry had decided we should have all the farm workers for a Thanksgiving dinner when the harvest was over, but by the time the corn was all combined it was time for our trip to Rome, so we decided on Thursday at noon. I thought there would be at least ten people, but only one of the milker ladies came (Yana was at the market, I think I understood). I had dinner ready by noon, with the rolls just coming out of the oven, the chickens (two 5 pounders, stuffed, no turkey at Metro on Tuesday) were carved by Garry, with almost all the trimming of a North American style dinner (no jello salads, and no cranberry sauce).

Maxim Rudei was the first to arrive with his wife Yulia and little Vika, as you can see she is adorable, and about six months old now, and sitting up.

Now we are ready to eat with max and Andrey

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