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Sunday, October 5, 2014

a trip to the "new barn"

OK, finally got over to the "new barn" the trade school free stall remodel barn for some photos this weekend, on the way to taking Polo to the vet. Polo got sick while hanging out over there with his true love Donna the dog and Rex their puppy, and has been getting injections and other meds to get him back to his usual self.

 Garry wanted to check on how the cement looked that had arrived while he was driving a potential student back to Dnepro before going to the vet clinic in Zaporosia for Polo's one o'clock appointment. When we got to the barn, the truck was there and they were still pouring cement. It was the first pour into the freestalls. Garry had decided that the best way to keep the cows clean would be to have stalls sloped to have liquid run off into the aisle, as much as we love our sand bedding back in Canada, we will look for rubber mats to top them, and have lots of straw to shake out for bedding.

The cement truck was supposed to have come the day before, when the first load had come late because it had a flat tire with the first load and then it was in an accident going back, so they had phoned to say it would be dark before it got home, so it would come Saturday... sometime
the cross alley was finished when we got there

of course Garry couldn't resist getting his hands dirty to make sure it was being done right

All cement truck drivers smoke while unloading, I think

He washed his hands before we left (a little late)
Polo doesn't mind riding in the car

but he knows the needles are coming when we get to the vets

More improvements at the barn

 doors will be finished and hung soon- the blue steel for the outside is coming

outside the guard room, a small window and stovepipe
where a big window used to be (its getting cold for the night guard)

the retaining wall outside for piling manure
inside the guard room- wood stove, bed and table
dog optional- she snuck in when I took the photo 
the plastic covered wood framed windows for winter

when we got back, Garry smoothed cement some more

and I took a photo of the wheat up, the rain was good for it

Next week, Garry hopes to get more done on the parlor, even though it seems we won't get our electricity hooked up until spring ...

the parlor so far, need a few adjustments this week

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