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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Village day

The cultural center of the village

Today was village day, held every year at this time, and we went down the street with Dennis and Sandy to check it out at 10 am - well, Garry did,
 I got there about an hour later, after recharging the camera battery, and starting some laundry, and some soup which only Maxim Boradin ate, because everyone else ate there, or Garry brought them some over at the barn. They can eat the soup on Sunday for lunch.
There were two groups of singers while I was there

some of the kids hanging out in front

The ladies invited the crowd to dance and this man joined in

Polo is trying to mooch off Dennis and Sandy
 Polo walked down with them and was enjoying helping people eat their food, he seems to be recovering nicely from whatever was ailing him last week.
We ended up taking him to the vet 3 out of 4 days last weekend, and have been babying him with treats ever since to put some weight back on him. Three possible causes- virus, poison, or the multitude of ticks that were on him (like 30.)
and one of the students feed him fish bones from the soup

You could buy fish soup or plouf or shashlik or wings

Garry had 2 helpings of plouf
 The party was still going when we left at one o'clock because we had other commitments, Garry said I missed the political speeches in the first hour (the parliamentary  election is at the end of the month) but there were recitations and lots of singing and it looked like everyone was having a good time

There was second hand clothes and other stuff for sale too

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