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Friday, October 31, 2014

Prague and Rome...or eight days alone in a crowd

We actually had a relaxing time away from everyone, it was the anniversary trip we had talked about last year, but never got around to going on.

We arrived back home in the village Monday evening (October 27th), Max Rudei drove the van back to Kiev and Garry drove home in just over 5 hours, a new record, the road between has more bumps from patches than holes these days. In other words a rough ride, but less tire damage! Max brought a friend, like he did when he dropped us at the airport.On the way there, he translated what his friend said about an hour after leaving, as Garry sped through the dark in the fog- we left at 5 am- that he could not believe how calm and quiet I was in the front seat, as any women he knew would be scared and yelling... and I was not. Of course I have ridden with Garry driving for years now. I do occasionally suggest looking out for danger... but quietly, I guess.

A lovely view from the top of a hill in Prague (while we were lost)
We did have our share of adventures, like trying to find our hotel room in Prague, where we overnighted to get from Kiev to Rome. We took the bus and tram like the lady at the airport suggested instead of an expensive taxi, but turned the wrong direction and walked for more than a hour up and down hills and streets. We found it as dusk was falling after an hour of walking.

We did enjoy a late dinner out with traditional foods and two hours of sightseeing early Saturday morning before heading to the airport for the flight to Rome.

We booked the same hotel for our overnight back,since we know where it was.  However we couldn't find it again at ten pm, because the tram line was under repair, so what we remembered didn't work to find it! We did finally figure out and got there around eleven pm!

Prague at 7:30 am

9 am and we found the clock I was looking for as it was about to ring

We went to church Sunday here, in a church dedicated to Martyrs and built
in an ancient Roman bath site, original church was designed by Michelangelo
 The first day was Sunday and we stuck close to the apartment to rest our tired feet after our Prague adventure.

The service was held here in Italian or maybe Latin, we missed the English one
After the church service, in an ancient Catholic church around the corner from our rented apartment,  we visited a couple of nearby museums, one about the huge bath complex that the church was built in, and had an early night, so we could get to the Coliseum when it opened on Monday morning.
The organ was played for the service and before, the church was redone
in the 17th and 18th centuries

The only thing still of the original Michelangelo design
 inside was the foyer ceiling apparently
front door of the church

more from Sunday

Frescoes in a museum- Palazzo Massimo

The Coliseum 

Inside the complex of the Baths of Diocletian, part of the National Roman museum, the ticket was seven euros and you could visit four over three days, we did two on Sunday and found one more of them on Wednesday before our ticket expired.


We saw all the historical, archaeological highlights of Rome as you can see in these photos... and that was just Monday! We got to the Coliseum before it opened at nine am and beat the crowds with day one of our 3 day Roma Pass - it gets you into two places free, reduced price on the ones after and gets you on public transport for the three days.
after a couple days Garry got bored with broken statues

The Forum area 

The ticket includes the Forum and Palentine hill areas so we walked all of that by two pm, it was near the forums that a lost my five dollar watch I bought in NJ, so we were really carefree after that!
That night Garry wanted to see the area in the dark so we took the Metro (subway) and walked around until nine pm, or later.
Coliseum as night fell 

Garry says his favorite place was the Pantheon, which we found on Tuesday night while we went looking for Trevi fountain (by the way it is dry they are fixing it up) and returned to it on our last Sunday in Rome.

inside at night

There was always a crowd at the Panetheon

It was turned into a church early in Christian Rome, so survived in good shape

This looked like early church decor

the famous ceiling with a hole-

You'll have to wait for the next post to find out my favorite sights of Rome.

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