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Friday, October 31, 2014

Driving in Ukraine... look the truck is on our side of the road!

Always be alert when driving in Ukraine!
Sorry somehow this post never got published last month and I didn't notice!

Last week ? One Sunday afternoon we were returning home from Dnepro when I took this photo, we were driving along the four lane divided highway, when I blinked and said...

 "Garry is that truck coming toward us?"

I think it, I can't believe it, that is so dangerous! 

Yep, it is definitely on our side of the road, what if one of the cars going
 180 Km an hour in the passing lane had been coming?

the driver coming onto the road from the other highway must be really confused...
because there is of course, no warning signs, no traffic cones, no signage, to warn oncoming traffic about this temporary change in traffic patterns as they say at home...

you may be wondering what caused this potential head on collision situation...

earlier that week they had opened a new military/police checkpoint on the other side of the divided highway where there is the guard rail for about a kilometer or two where they built the new highway intersection a couple years ago...

which caused this accident (possibly because of the conflicting signage which tells you to slow down merge into the left lane, slow down more, move into the right lane, slow down and stop...
This minor accident, the police are there, no ones ever moves cars no matter how
 minor the accident until the report is done in hopes of collecting insurance
 they have put four orange cones across and are directing traffic over

which must have caused this accident, so they sent the cars onto the wrong
side of the road until they got past the guardrail (mostly there isn't one)
The next week they fixed this when the finally got the big cement barricades for people to drive around installed at the checkpoint, which is still in operation

Ukraine is not big on early warning of workers in the road either...

About ten metres at most, even on the highway, we could see this
crane in the city long before seeing the sign

Always look for motorcycles weaving through traffic in the city

and for farm machinery and bicycles

watch for cows and chickens in the road in the country

marchutkas (route vans) stopping for passengers in the city

the slow cars on the highway (those are bags of cabbage)
and that is a walnut buyer leaving the village

tractors driving toward traffic on the highway mowing the meridian
 (no signs except on the tractor)

cars making extra lanes at red lights (and switching lanes like crazy)

and the really fast cars blowing past everyone else (its like they own the road)

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