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Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday with Manitoba

 Garry and I are spending the mornings teaching the first year students this week, so we had breakfast and I headed down the street for English class before 8 am.

I walked back after nine when Garry took over and was heading for the shop where the guys were working. I met Marcie on the way, she was bringing first aid for Doug, he had hit his head and it was bleeding a bit. 

The guys were cutting boards that would become baseboards later in the day.

The chicks enjoying the saw dust I brought from the shop
After the boards were split, they were carried down the street to the yard, where Marcie and some of the students painted them. They turned them over and painted the fourth side when they were dry so they would be ready to use after lunch.

Did I mention it was 19 C for the high today? That's 66 F. It will be just as warm tomorrow.

That looks so clean Doug
When it was lunchtime- I had started with one smaller pot of soup but decided to make a second which was a really good idea- there were no leftovers!
We also served up three loaves of bread fresh from the village store, Carol walks down every morning, sometimes twice, if it has not been delivered. Plus three leftover pizzas from the night before. Then there was chocolate pudding cake hot from the oven for dessert. I may have gotten carried away cooking.
Jack- look we had slivki (thick cream) on the pudding cake

After eating the students like to play with the chicks

I think we had 12 for our first lunch seating

Wow, who took a picture of me?
I think I was explaining how to make the broccoli cheese soup
to Masha, all the students had seconds on the "white soup"

Everyone else was done by the time they started, lucky I had saved 3 bowls...
and a pizza for them.
 Garry had to leave just before we were going to eat lunch to breed a cow somewhere, so he ate with Anton and Artom, who had just gotten back to the yard with a tractor. Anton wanted the recipe for the tomato lentil soup so I explained how I made it.

They finished off all the stuff that was left. Poor Bear, he is not getting any left over soup again.
After lunch Garry got some students working on rolling out the attic insulation

going up?

Julia and Dima before they went up the ladder
Peter installed the doors today- one into the cheese house
the second goes into the honey room at the other end/

Samson helped move boards from the shop

All the guys looking at Peter's door

Vasili digging that hole, they should finish tomorrrow

Garry measuring for baseboards

The cheese storage room, great job on the silicone Dan

Now to measure and cut

The lab has cabinets installed already
assembled by Richard and company

Here's one for the honey room
As you can see, the Manitoba team is getting more of the finishing work done on the building, and were building shelving for the cheese storage room today.
Ice cream break- I told you it was warm out
Doug has a second band-aid on his head today
Peter had 2 cuts on his hands, too, from around the windows

Eight at this table
 Dinnertime and I dished the rice and stirfry up on plates - 18 plates and then we realized Karina didn't have a plate, so we took a little off a couple to make one more. Nineteen for dinner, including all the boys from the boys house but one, and both grad girls and Vika.
Andrey the vet student showed up this afternoon so he had his own spot
we had taken the cow spotted table back to Maria with the BC team gone.

The main table,
 Dima had walked over for Pepsi, they only had milk and water at their table

It's all gone

Well it took a bit to get all the students out after dinner
Sasha is fascinated with the scrabble twist game
even though it needs to have English words put in

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