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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Back to work

We didn't let Doug and Marcie take it easy on their only day here before flying out Sunday afternoon, even though it was midnight before we got to bed Friday night after our return from Egypt. It didn't mean we slept past 6:30 am Saturday.

We did have bagels for breakfast, although I had to call the guys in, they were already working on getting the trim around the top of the building by the time I was finished baking.

Afterwards they worked on the trim, then we went with them to the field to see the corn planter in action. There is 120 acres planted at the end of the day Saturday, about 2/3rds of what is supposed to be planted this year for corn. When we got there, Garry had to dig some up to check how well its working with the monitor they bought for this year. It lets you know if there is a problem planting. But it never hurts to double check.

It turned out Artom needed more fertilizer, so we drove back to the shop with the Mercedes to get 16 50 Kilo bags (110 pounds each). Garry and Doug loaded it up in the van to take back to the field.

Max bought a little Lada to drive for himself for now, so we almost have our own wheels again- the Mercedes van- however today it hauled fertilizer bags, corn seed and cans of diesel fuel for the tractors at various times.
Max's car

Oops, my midnight baking of paska bread has gone all wrong, the first batch is sticking to the pans and is rather dark on top. Hope the last six look better.  Better set the timer and chill the oven a little. 
Oops, the van was a little low when Garry backed up to turn around and go to the field, he had to wire the muffler back on.

Then we decided to do a crop photo report!

here's the new seeding of alfalfa and oats next to the field they were planting corn in today

as you can see the oats came up
and here are some of the alfalfa fields 

last year's seeding

that nice big alfalfa field

winter wheat

  •  We also went to the field they were spreading fertilizer on and cultivating before the corn planter come to plant it. After this field they will do the one that will be irrigated this year, the last field.

  •  Then they will plant sunflowers, however it looks like a rainy week coming up in the forecasts.
By the way, looks like I am not using the same recipe as last year, paska looks not great for second batch. Oh well if I can't get some students to eat them Bear and the cats outside will.

Max and his helper Vlad
We went to student church, which was light on students, most are off on an Easter excursion, courtesy of the church organization some of the boys came from this year. 

Then we ate pizza (which came out good and spicy) and looked at some of Doug's underwater pics and videos he took in Egypt and played a couple more rounds of Jokers until we realized it was 11 pm. They all went to bed while I baked tried to bake paska and write this post. 

Good night and have a blessed Easter.

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