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Sunday, April 16, 2017

He is Risen

This morning Doug and Marcie finished packing and weighed their suitcases for their afternoon flight and we had paska bread and bagels for breakfast before squeezing in a couple more rounds of Jokers before going to church in the village. The guys were pleased because they won.
WE got this paska and eggs as a gift at church

I had coached Marcie in how to say Kristos vas Krist yesterday so she was ready. Garry told her how when we first moved her on Easter he'd try to say it first when meeting someone on Easter so he wouldn't have to say the longer reply to it.

We enjoyed the service and fellowship before driving to Dnepro to have a bite to eat before taking them to the airport. Hopefully, all will be good for them as they travel home, tonight they are in London. Many of the stores and restaurants were closed, so we couldn't eat at Puzata Hata as planned, but we got some burgers.We also squeezed a few little bags of candy we bought a a store into the suitcases for Max Boradin.

First thing this morning I found my cat Box by the door and ready to run in when I unlocked it. The first week of the teams being here, we had sent her too stay in Masha's (Maria) because having 12 people in the house here plus the cats was going to be crazy. However, both times she came in in the last two weeks she was upset and ran back out.

Today she napped somewhere until late afternoon and is happy to have her house back to just us, I have had trouble keeping her off my lap all evening while I crocheted. 

We'll see how much gets planted this week coming up, the weather forecast is calling for rain and even possible snow on Tuesday. That part does not sound good for the possibility of apricots (and apricot jam) this summer, since the trees are blooming now. They were hoping to finish planting before Max leaves for his holiday in Turkey next week, but it doesn't look like it. We are sending him and Yulia on their own spring holiday week in the sun.

If you are wondering, those are the neighbor's chickens still roaming on our yard this spring. However, we are waiting to see if the babushka is moving back home for the summer, she spent the winter in the city with her children. Someone is taking care of the chickens, so they are still not laying eggs here, just eating, pooping and making holes for dustbaths all over the yard. 

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