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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday- saying goodbye

 This morning Peter, Roy and Carol were busy with last minute things and packing and weighing their bags, while Garry and I were teaching the first year students.

Garry taught first because Maria was going with Vika for a trip to the dentist early in the afternoon. It was her first appointment since she walked out of the dentists two years ago. Now she has two teeth that hurt, so hopefully she is less afraid.

 This morning the chicks found a new home, there were 15 happy ones heading off with Vova in a box on his bicycle.
Half an hour later, there was a new one in the incubator. He had been trying to peck and push his way out for 48 hours, and I really thought he wouldn't make it. However, he is walking around inside the incubator right now. So far no other chicks seems to be coming out to join him, maybe he is one of the last four eggs that went in there a couple days later than the rest, because the first ones hatched by Saturday morning.

 At 10:30 everyone packed up in the Mercedes van for Dnepro. Before going to the airport, we headed for the Dafi shopping center, to pick up our new airplane tickets for Sharm-el-Sheikh. That's right,  Doug and Marcie are going with us for a week of sun and snorkeling and  extra sleep on the Red Sea in Egypt, We fly out on Friday. Apparently they messed up the tickets by putting our names on both sets. We booked it weeks ago, or we would have maybe saved the 1000 (for two) for the new car.

After one last lunch out at Puzata Hata, we took Roy, Carol and Peter to check in for their flight to Vienna, the first leg of the trip home to Manitoba.


 The four of us did a little shopping for some art supplies for Losha, who is going to paint a picture for Doug and Marcie while we are gone. We also got a few more things to finish the project, including two windows and a ventilation system for the cheese room.

Then we raced down the bumpy highway to the village for afternoon class with the second year students, and got there just on time. However, I had to find them, because they thought we had left for the afternoon! I phoned Maria, who was on the bus home from Zaporosia with Vika, and she called them. Good news,Vika is going back Saturday for her second appointment.

We are trying to figure out how to buy a new car or van to drive soon.

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