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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday- the big push to finish

Jacks' team is leaving early Sunday morning for their tour of other places on the way to Kiev, so today is the day to get stuff done. The hay shed trusses need to be finished because he's taking the auto-nailer back with him that came in one of their suitcases.

Easter candy eggs for breakfast?

Today Nikolai left for a week

and Dima returned after three weeks away
Julia (his girlfriend) and Lada were both excited to see him

Daniel sealing the plastic on the walls with silicone

Daniel trying to get his brother to try the Pepsi cake at coffee time-
he ate a teeny- tiny piece

Losha cleaning the ceiling

Jeremy doing electrical work

Dan's still caulking- he did it all day- he got pretty good at it too

Garry has decided to build a hay shed over near the new barn- where the pyramid of straw has been the last two years. Early in the week they were sure they didn't have enough work to keep everyone busy, but now the are hurrying to finish because student church is at 6 pm tonight, so that is the deadline.
Building trusses inside and cutting outside

Doug nailing

and Garry
Later Garry said they were out of nails for the guns and did the last three trusses by hand. Victor had phoned all over Ukraine to find more nails for it on Monday, I think.

However, last I heard, the nail gun is staying here. Probably in my house with the rest of the Canadian tools. Too many disappeared over the summer, so now Garry keeps them here.
Garry explaining to Vika what the trusses are going to be for
and where it will be- novi ferm (the new farm)

Roy and Marcie cutting and carrying
She worked almost all day outside today

Project three that they added to the list was a deck on the back of the school from last year to replace the skinny steps, which were knocked off earlier in the week by one of the students. They started on it yesterday and are getting it done this afternoon.

Maria was recruited to paint wood preservative on the deck boards

and Karina and our visitors Denis and Alice-
Victor's son and daughter-in-law

Jack said it was a fun newlywed date

I walked down the street- by the way it was the first shirtsleeve weather we've had since they arrived- after lunch and took some photos. Of course I needed some of the bee boxes Peter has been building all week. It was one of the original projects and Peter worked by himself most of the week. One day we forget to bring him coffee!

Looking good- we'll be getting new bees in May for them

Well, since it was so warm and they were down the street near the store, they had ice cream instead of coffee break in the afternoon like they did last year. The lady at the store had told Garry she had stocked up on ice cream bars when she heard they were coming.

 We pushed dinner to after the church meeting at school, and the guys and Marcie arrived at the house by 5:40. A couple even got to shower before heading to the school. All the projects had been completed, too.

The completed deck

Karina, Ira and Karina before church started

the Canadians

plus one- this 4 year old? village girl helped them all afternoon
at the shop and came to church on her own too

We had a great time at church, with alternating   English and Russian songs, Roy and the youngest team member, Dan made a few remarks which Maria translated in Russian. Then a few more songs and Andrey Spak, the usual speaker, spoke briefly. Maria translated into English for us.
Now the Pray for Ukraine song in Ukrainian

When we "How Great Thou Art" in English, some sang it in Russian, too

Dan speaking

Roy with that little girl from way up the street
she came by bike by herself- only in Ukraine

Andrey preaching

The kids found the demo toy tractors
  Jack lead a round on the guitar in Russian for everyone, and we sang Jesus Loves Me in English (my greatest achievement in English class every student can sing the Yes Jesus Loves Me line) before the closing prayer.

after church, we had a few neighborhood kids tonight
Then I walked fast toward the setting sun as soon as church was over to get dinner finished and on the table. Everyone else stayed a for a few minutes during the fellowship and cookie time. I forgot to take a photo at dinner, tonight it was just Maria, Victor and the teams with us. We had Mashed Potato Iced Meatloaf, my April Fools special and fried chopped cabbage, onion, mushroom and grated carrots with dill.

Then the BC guys were busy sorting and packing, while Manitoba (or the Canadian team as Jack called them one morning) played games. Victor is (hopefully) sleeping on the living room pull out couch so he can get an early start with the five guys in the morning, The chicks are cheeping right now as I finish this post in the my room, and he's right next to the box.

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