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Monday, April 3, 2017


Anyone for a box of peeps?
Sunday morning we had to say goodbye to Jack, Richard, Matthew and the brothers- Jeremy and Daniel. Victor said he slept well the first part of the night, but the chicks woke him up around 4 am. Coincidentally, Marcie said they had been awoken by Bear's barking outside around the same hour.

We had breakfast by 6:45, the usual oatmeal (cornflakes for the young guys) but with french toast on the side, before they carried the suitcases that were leaving with them out to the blue van. 

Salmon rm, BC team
 Instead of our normal team photo in front of what you built, the young guys decided they should have their photo taken in front of the burnt van. Afterwards they piled in to Victor's blue van and were off on their trip across Ukraine to Kiev. Hopefully they are almost there by now, since they were stopping a few places in the way. (as I write this our internet is down. Hopefully they will have made the plane by the time I load photos and hit publish in the morning! 

or afternoon as it happened.)
The All- Canadian team

The  Steinbach, Manitoba team

We also took some  of the Manitoba team and the two teams together before they left (everyone has cameras so they all wanted some). Then we and the Manitoba team relaxed a little before walking down to the village church for the Sunday service. 

Afterwards we borrowed Max's Mercedes van and went into Zaporosia for lunch and a bit of shopping, we walked the market and went to a Ukrainian souvenir shop where the Steinbach team made some purchases, before going to Ashan for groceries and heading home to the village.  
It's Roy in the deluxe seat...the van seats 6 so...

The forsythia is blooming in the city
We made pizza for dinner. Garry had to go breed a cow in the village, so Doug and Marcie rode along with him as the pizza was almost done. Roy and Carol were facetiming with some of their kids and grandkids,(turns out baby chicks are as popular on the computer as live.) we all had dinner and the rest of us played games. We're ready for a few more days at a slower pace now.

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