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Friday, April 21, 2017

Still cold

Still cold out there, just below freezing at night, just above during the day. Thursday morning I took a few pics as I walked to class.

It was cold enough that the puddles had ice on them and the snow crunched underfoot.

The spring flowers look frozen, and the flowers have fallen off the fruit trees, the cherries were just starting to bloom, the apricots had been blooming for a week or more.

Andrey may be regretting his recent haircut as he walks to work

I was a little worried when this dog snuck up behind me barking on my walk, I yelled at him and backed up for a good twenty paces before taking this photo and continuing to school.

After class someone must have put him where he belonged, I did not see him. By that time (9 am) it had warmed up a little and water was running across the road in places.

Not sure they believed we were having our regular test after cancelling classes
on Wednesday but we did!

Later  in the day we drove into Zaporosia and the highway had been plowed, most of the snow in the city had melted already by evening. There were some branches on the ground in places. Apparently, the road we normally take out to the highway was not open on Wednesday, it still had some piles of snow for Garry to drive through, since it was one-laned in places.

Friday morning more snow and rain was turning the village into a slushy mess.One of the neighbors stopped in, it turns out we are the last house going down the street with power. Ours came on Wednesday afternoon, their house is getting cold on the third day without power. We ran an extension cord over so they can run the circulating pump on their gas heat.

 Looks like we have a few stray village dogs in the farm lane and I think I see why, someone has dragged away one of the cow bones.

11:15 am, we'll be heading into Dnepro soon, Garry is supposed to see the doctor and we have our English classes tonight. Still wet and snowy out.

9:30 pm. Back home. On the way into Dnepro it was snowing hard at times- like someone was throwing snowballs from on high. Lots of branches and some trees down in the city. It was slushy everywhere when we got into the city, traffic was moving slower than normal.  Some places the snow is mostly gone, but some minor streets had big piles on the road yet.
Eventually, around four pm it stopped raining and or snowing, and it was quite foggy for most of the drive back to the village.

The doctor seemed to think Garry's foot was normal for the surgery recovery, but they are going to try a couple things to help with the numbness and swelling, and do an ultrasound next week.

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