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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday- touch ups

Marcie was painting around windows
 First, apologies for the photos today, someone must have touched the lens last night when the students were in, because there is a blurry spot in the middle of every photo!

Peter was putting the wood around the windows

Doug and the shelves they built in the cheese storage room

Looks like they are putting corn in the bin upstairs in the barn

Victor's honey room is getting shelves too

Bear got his bone back 

Someone labeled her door while the students were painting yesterday
 Samson and Dima were cleaning up behind the summer kitchen AKA Masha's house. They found Bear's bone he was gnawing on a couple weeks ago when they killed the cow, and some toads.Samson was excited to show them off.

Did you know the Russian for toad is jabba? Like Jabba the Hut in Stars Wars- he looked like a giant toad, right?
Tying to get a photo of two toads

Re-catching the toads

Two toads

Samson (Kolya) and his toads
He's the only student wearing shorts this week

Dima showing off the neat piles now

Garry is closing in the attic now that the insulation is done

more toads in a pail

Doug is cutting the knob off the bench.
I don't know what the next team will sit on

Marcie is repainting the other
 bench that has been reinforced
when three larger people sat on it it creaked
I am told these guys have a new home
hope they take the screamer, he never stops yelling

Now  Peter is boxing in the last upper windows and Marcie is painting them. Garry is cutting an access hole and making a door into the attic, everyone else is working on clean up, and I need to make dinner for ? people. Today we are having a ground beef and cabbage dish.

Yesterday I stretched 9 pork chops into dinner for 19. We are having apple crisp, its in the oven now.

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  1. Glad to see someone finally cut that annoying bench knob off