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Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday- by morning light

Morning dawned early and cool, some of the guys were working here on the cheese plant as we call it, while Peter continued his work on the bee housing and Roy and Doug built trusses (yeah, Garry and Jack thought up more things to do) for a hay shed.

Richard doing insulation in the cold room
The back looks better than the front

well toasted engine

up to 17 hatched now
we moved 5 out of the incubator that had hatched overnight
Surprise visitors from Kirvoy Rog

Misha had his new shoes on 

Chicken noodle soup and hot dogs for lunch for 24 

Playing with  fluffy chicks- Julia, Daniel, Max and Jeremy

and Vika

Who's driving that old car?

Garry's new car?
No, he had trouble fitting in the Zaporishi

Adam's team helped with building cabinets for the lab

Adam worked too

and helped Jack who was insulating the cold room for cheese storage

almost finished with this!
Suppertime, pulled pork and vereniki (Pierogies) and Pepsi cake for dessert

Garry with some of the guys. New record, 25 for dinner
 Then it was time for game night with the students and visitors. Everyone seemed to have a great time, Garry went to bed and put his foot up, it is hurting this week.
Dutch Blitz  with Dan , Kolya had played before

Some said they had played twister before in the internaut  (Orphanage)

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