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Sunday, March 5, 2017

back online

Opps , we had no internet for a couple days, it went out Friday morning as I was preparing to make a post about the farm show in Zaporosia. Our provider upgraded apparently, and it did not restart, you had to phone them, which we did not know until Sunday afternoon! Watch for posts on Monday, here's a couple pics to tide you over.

This morning Garry bred two cows in two different villages, one was at the zoopark that's opening soon. He even had a little tour of the facility. He said he bred a big black heifer there, they phoned Max the night before, and  the director picked him up in a car with ZooPark all over it. He told him they are getting a crocodile.

I found out why Garry did not have his breeding rod (see previous post) when he went to breed the cow last week, he had bred a cow in the village and had not put it back in his tool box (we bought a large plastic tool box for him to keep his breeding stuff in so it stays together. Did not keep his tweezers in it while he was in Canada, need to buy another) Anyway, when he breeds cows in the village, he just loads the gun (or rod) with the frozen semen and drives there to inseminate the cow, since it only takes a few minutes, the thawed semen is still viable. When he goes to a different village he waits until he gets there, so he brings the semen tank which is filled with liquid nitrogen, since it can sometimes take an hour.

The cows are up to 890 liters of milk on Saturday and over 900 today. the tank will be full to the top Monday morning, we may need more buyers now that they got brewers grains to feed them.

 We went to church in the village again today. 

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