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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Demo Day


Tuesday morning at 9 am

Karina in the background got her nose smashed by a branch
but kept on working, it was swollen and scraped up

Look Garry can climb ladders after his surgery

we only broke two

saving the roofing seefer

Three students and one neighbor, he's getting the boards from the roof for helping

Sasha is checking when its lunchtime I guess
 Lunchtime- I made soup with the fresh beef and veggies (and some disappointing macaroni that got very big and soggy) bread, tea, and apples. The two who did not show missed out but they were working in the afternoon.
1 pm

after- 3 pm


Wednesday morning
Wait here's the plans for the cheese making building, with a room for Victor to process honey with a separate entrance to the outside, and he gets the key!
the plans Garry drew up last week

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