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Monday, March 6, 2017

Zap Farm Show

On Thursday morning we went to the Farm Show in Zaporosia with Max Rudei and the four grad students who stayed home and worked when the other students went to Kiev last month.  Before we left Sasha needed new shoes, so he got the first pair that were donated by Source for Sports in Steinbach for this year, in the photo his are the bright yellow ones and Julia has on the pair she got two years ago of the same brand. Karina is away right now, helping Max's mother get ready to move to the village. We arrived at 9:30 but the show did not open until ten, so we checked out some of the outside stuff first.

 It's a much smaller version of the Kiev show... but I got lots of photos, including Garry talking to the models handing out brochures for a chemical company.

a bigger, better Belarus tractor

A John Deere... out of our price range, but better!

a classic tractor on display

Julia's new boyfriend??

free calendars!
Kolya's new viking girl calendar

checking out the merchandise

cream separators in the display case

Interesting way to sell seed

Julia took my photo with a viking in a wheat field

Models still hard at work

Nikolai, Julia, Kolya and Sasha

More free calendars!

Free Ukrainian farmer papers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                There were almost as many craft sales tables as farm seed displays, I think.

I didn't ask how much the giant chess set was...

the Ukrainian side, the other side were Tatars I think

the glassblower had a crowd watching

want a unique welded shaslik grill?

Time to go home... we had cheeseburgers at the drive-thru

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