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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 it's dry

Garry is a little tired today. When he got home from driving the students, he thought the cement was dry enough to use the machine, but it was still pretty wet in places. He was disappointed in how rough it looked, and wished he had stayed home to float it. A few neighbors dropped by for various reasons and told him how bad it looked, which didn't help his mood.

He spent more than an hour re-floating it and then went out to try polishing it with the machine a couple hours later, in the dark, using the van's headlights to see. He said the lights shining across the pad made it easy to see the low spots.

He woke up shortly after midnight and went out and did it again. That's how he ended up skyping with Jack (from the BC team) at 2:30 in the morning, about plans for the building and what they were packing in their suitcases.

He was back out at 5 am to do it again. He came in looking for his wallet an hour later, telling me that he needed more gas for the machine. He also said it was frosty when he went out before dawn even though the predicted overnight temp had been a few degrees above freezing. When he went out he first thought the concrete had hardened too much to polish, but it was just frozen on top.

Later in the morning, Victor, Max and maybe some other people took turns with the machine, until it was pronounced "it's-a-good!"

One more thing checked off the list to be ready for Sunday when the teams arrive. This year we have two five person teams at the same time, with two couples, one in each small room and six guys, who will be sharing the big green room- nothing but beds in there, but there are two new mattresses on the one set of bunked beds, so bonus for the guys who get them. A couple of students came in this evening for a few minutes to help move the desk out and two of the beds in that room, now I'll make some beds up.

Victor found the correct wood for the bee boxes that Peter will be building, he went to Zaporosia today to buy it, it's in the shed attached to the house to stay clean. Its the right thickness (which is important) and tongue and grooved.

A much smoother surface for the floor, the pipe at center will be the floor drain.

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