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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The concrete is poured

Bear got a new place until the concrete dries
Yesterday the big pour did not happen, because it was scheduled for Tuesday when Max called the concrete company Saturday, but the ground would be a little drier after the rain Saturday evening anyway. This morning there were a few last minute preparations. Garry taught class as usual until 11:30 when the truck was arriving. After some more moving of broken bricks and other filler into the muddy parts of the farmyard, the cement truck was able to back down the farm driveway and around to where the shed will be constructed. It cannot fit under the gas pipe on the house side, this way they would not have to wheelbarrow all  8 cubic meters all the way from the road.

The cement truck really gunned the motor and got through the last 50 feet of muck and over to the site.

I even helped some of the boys move the long bundles of plastic for the inside of the walls when they decided to move some of the cement with the bobcat, after they had started moving it with the wheelbarrow. Most of the "grad students" were in the crew working.

 They were working fast, Garry had to leave at one o'clock to drive the second year students to "evening school" and he wanted to get as much done as he could before leaving Max in charge.

Garry was telling eveyone 'less, less in the middle so the floor drain will work

Making a step for the door with the spare cement

Then some guys showed up, to talk milking equipment

After talking to the milking equipment men, Garry washed off his worked boots and changed his pants and took off with the big van to drive to Dnepro with the students.
Maria (Masha) had to come out of her house to translate.
We bought some inflations (rubber liners)for the milkers,
but they had checked out what was wrong with the wash cycle. too.

Artom Rudei posing - the guy behind is from a different Christian organization
he arrived yesterday to learn a bit about how to care for their cows

 The rest of the work crew went over to milk by two o'clock when Max, Artom and the new guy came in for big bowls of soup. They told me it was so good it was like in a restaurant. Guess I'll be ready for making soup for the team from Canada next week. I put the rest in the fridge, maybe Garry will have time to eat some when he gets back around five.

Maybe not, some guy showed up about getting Garry to breed his cow around two and he has to drive Katya (the new girl who came for a week to try the program and stayed for two weeks, to Zap for 7:20. She and fellow student Masha were supposed to go to Khersom, the earliest train tickets available for sale on Wednesday were for Sunday night. They took a bus to Zaporozhye and got there in time but the girls missed the train when Katya had to go to the toilet when the train was due. They took a bus back to the village after phoning Maria with the bad news. Garry got her a ticket yesterday and wants to make she she gets on the train this time, I think.

And then this is waiting for him, Garry (and/or Max) need to polish the concrete for the floors. He picked it up from Victor yesterday afternoon, they rented it again this year. It's cool and overcast, it won't dry fast. It will be ready to build on when the teams arrive Sunday afternoon.

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