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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


7 am and out to work after oatmeal- well some of the boys had cornflakes

Jeremy is wiring the building already

His brother Daniel is helping too

Let's get the roof raised

when brothers work together...

Roy, Richard and Matthew cutting boards
Richard operating the saw
 I don't have any photos of Peter working on the bee boxes, he's down the street in the shop. Maybe tomorrow. This morning Marcie and I drove into Dnepro and loaded up on groceries at Metro, while Carol watched the soup, went to the store for bread and got coffee and cookies to the guys at ten am.
Jack and Max up top

11 am and look at what they did while we were gone!

Richard with Julia, hello Eugene!

Garry has no trouble climbing

almost lunchtime...


back to work

Roy helping (student) Masha hammer in a nail

One of Ray's little friends from last year is back...

They put the tin on the roof, in spite of the wind which blew like crazy all day

The young guys up on the roof

Doug with Matt and Dan getting started

coffee time and Jack's up top

Village kids are watching Kolya and Sasha dig
It's spring break for the kids this week

Making progress

The hole is getting deeper

 almost 4 pm and it's Coffee time! and tea and cookies and juice...

Matt swiping Dan's hat

6 pm and what have they done?

still cutting wood

Carol, Marcie and I were busy making dinner all afternoon, cutting up stuff for oliviah salad and making chicken cultlets for the crew- teams, Maria and students who were working at the end of the day- Nikolai, Julia, Masha, and Leila.
making new friends
Little Seroshka is big enough to screw on tin now
if you go back to 2011 you can see how he's grown

one more piece

I don't know what to say about this one...

photo bomb by Vika 

Poka! ...bye!

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