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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday or the feeding of the two dozen

I overslept this morning and woke up at 6:02, when the oatmeal is supposed to be ready! We had the wonderful cinnamon buns Ev Wiens made over the weekend, warmed in the oven while the 4 grain hot cereal was cooking. I think it was on the table by 6:30, with orange pieces, and yogurt cups (since we shopped yesterday.) After devotions the guys headed out and the ladies did some cleaning while I figured out the steps to making a giant pot of chili (thawing 3 pounds of ground beef, cooking dried beans, add a couple cartons of tomato juice and a giant can of diced tomatoes and chili powder).

when they started today

They were able to get out to work on time and the wind wasn't blowing (although it picked up when we took coffee and goodies out at 10 am). They discovered the framing for the windows was off, so they had to fix a few things and worked on finishing the tin in the morning and wiring up the electrical. Max had gone in for supplies Tuesday evening with the three young guys riding along, they got back to the house (and showered and went to sleep after everyone else) around ten pm.
Looking over bee box plans

Peeling plastic

Hanging out the laundry

The girls get the the plastic peeling job
Finishing the roof

Max outside on a ladder

Busy inside

Jeremy is working on the wiring

Julia too

Doug working on his organization project
Marcie helped
and some of the little boys helped before lunch , too
or not... after lunch

Lunchtime we had chili= regular or spicy or mixed together, with cheese bread and plain bread on the side for 17 I think. I even got a batch of brownies made for dessert (Wait 19, I remember that's how many brownies I cut, well into 20). The students who are working and Max and Anton (the guy who is here from another organization to learn about farming) are invited in to eat, not the little boys... so far. We may have chili again tomorrow, because there is lots leftover.

Raising a cloud of dust Doug

Honey room end of the building

Losha and Karina moving siding

Progress inside the building

and outside

and in the septic hole

Richard with the nail gun

Peter with the hammer

Garry and I did our tag time teaching of the 2nd year students from 2-4 pm

More 1st year students worked in the afternoon

Peter and Victor talking bee boxes

Who put the nail in the electrical wire? Not me, him! Jeremy will fix it

Look what Doug found... modeled by him and Masha

Misha and his puppy Lada

With Alex, and yes, Lada does look a little like Polo

The girls picking new athletic shoes from Steinbach's Source for Sports

and hats from La Broquerie Lumber
Its the boys turn tomorrow

Masha (the student one) showing off her break-dancing

Doug was busy

Samson hammering nails

still busy as six pm nears

Karina showing Misha what to do

Roy's sorting nails I think

No more walking through this wall

Sasha and Bear

Maria - the translator Masha, hammering too

Jeremy and Anton talking
Anton knows a lot of English

Then it was 6:30 and dinner was ready. I was worried we might not have enough to eat, and then, I was really worried as more and more students came through the door. I guess everyone had enough, Marcie, Carol and I sat on the couch, because there was no more room at the table.

We were 24 for dinner. I had made (with the help of my crew, Marcie and Carol) some more Ukrainian food. Ploffe (rice, chicken and grated carrot with spices) Vinaigrette salad (with potato, carrot and beets), sliced bread and some pimeni (think meat filled pierogies). I wished I had bought a second pack of the frozen things filled with pork at Metro. Tomorrow we'll buy 8 loaves of bread instead of 6, there were only two left to slice for dinner. I handed out store-bought cookies for dessert.

The feeding of the two dozen

The far table if you couldn't see it in the first photo

after dinner, the young guys went for a walk
after the students left 

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