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Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday- they get a full day in

Breakfast at 6 am


Then off to work before 8 am... no photos, sorry, I was getting the soup started with my helpers.

Coffee time at 10 am 

Jack kept working on the walls

digging a trench

everybody working before lunch

Victor and Peter checking out bee boxes

The truss crew made them all by lunch and drove them over in the wagon

unloading by hand

One of three lunch tables- the young guys
soup and sandwiches
Back to work - some students too

Putting up walls

3:30 coffee and cookies again

Andrey and Masha with Bear

Jack takes time for coffee

Roy and Daniel on the saw

Just one more thing before supper 

Still digging a trench

 No photos- spaghetti supper

Playing Jokers after supper
some guys are in bed by 8 pm though

Tomorrow is another day...


  1. Glad to see the teams made it safe, really enjoying the pictures and really wish I was there GOD bless you guys and keep you safe

  2. Interesting to see Jack in a local Manitoba lumber company hat, considering he is from BC !