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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday night ...

...and as I finished the Wednesday blogpost I thought I heard a cheeping sound. I had thought I heard something earlier in the day while grabbing another bottle of Pepsi for dinner, but thoguht I hd imagined it. Garry had told someone three more days earlier today.
Since Sunday evening Jack has been sleeping next to it with a mattress on the floor (he can't stand the snoring in the room with the other guys). Since he and everyone else had gone to bed I quietly went to look in the box  with a flashlight and saw an egg with a little hole and a bit of a beak peeking out.

There's a little viewing window
Luckily Garry was not asleep. because I remembered there was something to do before the chicks hatched and we carried the box into the kitchen and  unplugged the auto turner took out all the eggs form the rack and covered it with cardboard and put them back in the incubator. There are three with little holes, so we just have to wait for them to come out, There is occasional cheeping coming from across the room now... in a couple hours (it's 11 pm) we should have some chicks in there.
In the morning we moved it to the living room floor

No chicks this morning yet, but still hearing cheeping, and more are peeking out.

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