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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday morning- a chick is born

This morning I got up at 5:23 when the alarm went off and got coffee and breakfast going. That's red flannel hash with the last nine eggs in the fridge and of course oatmeal.

Then Jeremy led devotions about not being too busy working to work on your relationship with God.

 Of course, the incubator was the star of the morning with everyone listening for cheeps and peeps during devotions. I checked when I got up and was surprised to see no chicks yet. Garry moved the incubator off the counter and onto the floor of the living room before breakfast.

After breakfast the guys went out to work while cleaning and laundry and the soup got started inside the house. Today's soup is yesterday's chili with corn and other add ins.

Jeremy was back on electric

Jack was moving so fast he was blurry

Dan cutting out the hole for the windows

Doug and Roy on vapor barrier in the honey room

The lean to as Doug started the day
Marcie and I took off for Dnepro to refill the water bottles and buy a few supplies like toilet paper, and carrots,  which we were getting low  on and eggs, which we were totally out of after making breakfast.

We also picked up a couple things for the guys, including hammers for the students to use, since yesterday afternoon they kept borrowing the hammers out of the guys toolbelts so that it seemed every time they reached for their hammers to use one themselves they were gone.

When we got back with the groceries, can you guess what happened while we were gone? That's right, a chick hatched when Carol came in the house after giving the guys coffee/tea/juice/cookie break.Just as we got back from Dnepro. the second egg hatched, the same little fellow I had found pecking his way out the night before.

Here he comes

The first chick to hatch

Looking better in there Doug

Max is building a box for the chicks

Garry and his helpers are putting up plastic on the ceiling

Watching chicks dry

Lunchtime! for 20

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