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Monday, March 27, 2017

Over the weekend

On Thursday evening we went to Zaporosia early, Ev Wiens had invited us to dinner before the meeting at Steve and Jo's. She was coming out to the village with us until Sunday after church.
 She said she had a good time even though we left her home with Maria both evenings while we taught English in Dnepro. Those were the nights she got to see some of the students at the group homes and at student church on Saturday evening, She even made cinnamon buns we froze for the team, along with cleaning a lot of stuff. We gave her a Hope for Each t-shirt as a reminder of the school that started here with her husband John.

The guys have been busy digging a septic system for the cheese house's drain.

Sunday morning Garry installed a new toilet in the house, the one we put in in 2009 was not flushing well for the last year. We had bought it Saturday evening when we stopped for a few last things at Epi- Center -the building store, where we spent an hour trying to find all most of the things on the ever-growing list.

He's just putting it together in the hall
one calf
He went off to look for a part we did not buy after installing it, and while he was gone the girls working in the barn next to the house came in looking for him and talking about calves. Turns out there were two calves born Sunday morning.

her mother

second heifer calf and her mother
After church Garry picked up the team from the airport and Ev came to say goodbye and  pick up her suitcase for her trip back to Zaporosia. I baked the fourth cake for the party that evening (I made three with Ev's help before church. The team came and we had pizza (I was a little busy making it in the afternoon) We took the remaining pizza to the party with the cakes.

Here are a few photos from the team meets the students and staff.
Happy 25th birthday Kolya
That's not the cake I made

My sheet cakes are behind us

most of the group photo

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