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Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring has sprung

On Monday when we drove back from Zaporosia after meeting with Masha and going to the gym, there were tractors out spreading fertilizer on wheat fields and harrowing plowed land along the highway. Of course we were way ahead, the fertilizer was spread weeks ago and Andrey was out with the new bronky (harrow) first thing Monday morning. His brother Maxim had finished welding it over the weekend. He had collected pieces of old harrows in the the village and put it together to use this spring.

We had company arriving this week, so it's good my cold is finally better. When they arrived on Tuesday I discovered my crocuses are in full bloom down at the bottom of the driveway. The best thing is that I have got lots of work done helping with the reno painting, because our wonderful company has been doing the cooking. The beams are painted and I am working on covering the old cupboards with the same gray paint.

Early Thursday morning 

Thursday Garry got almost all the floor tile laid, except the little pieces around the last edge, because the blade on the tile saw quit working. We hoped to finish today, but the home improvement store closed earlier than Garry thought so it was closed after our Bible study. So we will pick it up today along with some grout when we drive into Dnepro for tonight's class and finish on Saturday, and grout the floor on Monday.

The building team is supposed to arrive from Canada on Thursday to work on the remodeling of the trade school barn. The little house will be ready for a couple of the guys to sleep in, the bathroom remodel will have wait until after they leave.
Max Borodin and Andrey started unloading

and then there was more help!

Garry ordered wood for the barn project on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday, just before Victor got here (he comes almost every Thursday to get the milk to sell) so there was lots of help to unload the wood, even though Garry was putting down tile. In Ukraine,  the delivery truck brings stuff to your door, you unload it yourself.

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